Author: Sam Schneider

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Sam Schneider has been covering the NFL and Fantasy Football for over 10 years. Starting in 2020 he began honing his skill in DFS and Major League Baseball, as well. Sam is a diehard Cincinnati Bengals fan, but covers players from all 32 teams in the league. You can find him for year-long fantasy football advice on Twitter.

Jahan Dotson is stuck in the middling vortex of NFL wide receivers. His future as a dominant wide receiver is as shrouded in uncertainty as his status on a rebuilding team in a tough NFC East division. There are a lot of questions with few answers. Fans have heard it all before. Yet, the 2024 offseason is decision time for the Washington Commanders brass to push their chips in on the explosive wideout. Draft Promise Dotson was plucked up by the team in the nation’s capital with the 16th overall pick in the 2022 draft. The club was enamored by…

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